871 Lengths

She did it! Champion! Ellie finishing her 871st length. Read about her project below.

I'm really excited that while I walk, my friend Ellie Farrow is undertaking her own major journey this summer, swimming 871 lengths in various swimming pools and lidos, a length for every mile I walk. She has written about her project here and you can follow her progress @EleanorFarrow

871 Lengths

During the time that Rebecca Thomas walks the 871 Mile Coastline of Wales, I will be swimming 871 lengths of as many different pools and Lidos as possible.

When I first heard that Becca intended to walk the coastline of Wales I thought I’d misunderstood. Why would Becca – a cheery, carefree, social butterfly – want to cut herself off from friends, family and arguably the most important Test Series in recent cricketing history? (Eng vs. South Africa. July 19th to August 20th)

However, the more I learned about it, the more I saw that it as an immense, powerful and admirable journey and one that very few people would be brave enough to entertain. When a group of friends decided to show their support by co-ordinating a trip to Llandudno for when Becca would be marching through I thought I’d join in. However, due to some spectacularly unfortunate shift work it wasn’t to be and that was when the seed of 871 lengths was sewn.   

During the beautiful weather in May when my body was craving swimming it suddenly struck me. I could do something to show my support; I could do a tiny thing to show solidarity even though I couldn’t be there in person. I could swim – something that Becca and I share a love for.

Admittedly, I was only excited about my idea for about 45 minutes until I thought that Becca could think it was really naff and would be well within her rights tell me so. Thankfully, she approved and so on the 13th of June when Becca starts to walk; I will start to swim. I will be taking notes and photographs along the way and, of course, texting cricket updated throughout – what sort of friend would I be otherwise? 

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